How Much Does Car Detailing Cost? Know Professional Detailing Cost

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Professional car detailing cost is no more expensive now. Car detailing is the process of cleaning your vehicle thoroughly, as right now, you buy it from the showroom. Sounds Interesting!

Yeah, it’s a crucial procedure that allows your automobile to preserve scratches, remove contaminants, clean, and refurbish. Only a simple wash is not the solution to taking care of your vehicle. Most people prefer drive-thru washing because of its instant clean and cheap price. But you can’t compare it with complete detailing.

Auto detailing companies provide quality services that engineers approve. We must know how to clean your car as a pro to take care of it.

The specialized techniques for car detailing are another level of a satisfying results. It cures the paintwork, prevents UV radiation, dirt, and your car looks new. Does it take much money? Or is it out of the range of a commoner? How would you know without examining all the factors? So, here is the complete information on detailing a car.

Car Detailing Cost

How Much Does Car Detailing Cost? Know Professional Detailing Cost

The vehicle is not a small amount of thing that can easily ignore. It’s the part of your life and personality. We all know about car lovers’ enthusiasm to care for their vehicles. Professional Car detailing is not as costly as we think, but it depends on the size and condition of the vehicle.

Moreover, the weather is also an important element to consider. Here is the price list:

Package TypesPrice
Deluxe Detail$150 to $200
Full Interior$140 to $190
Ultimate Detailing$300 to $400
Headlight Restoration$70 to $110
Cut and Polish$160 to $210
Average Car Detailing$100 to 200$
Full Detailing$250 to $300

Deluxe Detail:

Deluxe car detailing is different from other detailing because it is done with a clay treatment. It removes all the dirt and contaminants from the car’s exterior. Its price range is $150 to $200. Deluxe Detail Package includes:

Full Interior Car Detailing Cost & Services:

Your car also bears every situation in any condition. You travel hours and hours every day and often with your loved ones. It’s like your moving comfort area, which should be as clean as possible. Full interior detailing price start from $140 to $190, depending on the size and condition of your vehicle. The services include:

  • Interior Trims cleaned & dressed
  • Vacuum seats & boot
  • Interior Deodorized
  • Shampoo/ Steam cleaning of seats and carpet
  • Sun visors clean
  • Windows and mirrors cleaned inside and out

Ultimate Detail:

It is a complete package including every inch to whole car detailing. If you are going for a show, then your car can be present as a show stopper.  Ultimate detailing is the package where experts carefully transform your vehicle into its new original look. Its price starts from &300 to $400 and Includes the interior, exterior, and full detailing of the car. Some of the services are:

  • Snow Foam and hand wash
  • Protective spray wax
  • Bags and tar removals
  • Paint decontamination procedure
  • Fuel door cleaned
  • Windows, mirrors, wheels, door, jambs cleaned, and so many more

Average Car Detailing Cost:

The average car detailing price may vary from $100 to $200 and is used by many commoners. Many people prefer this because of its under-budget value. Not compromising on the car’s detailing but a wise decision to choose it. It also has lots of beneficial services. Following are

  • Interior vacuum & polish
  • Snow Foam and hand wash
  • Trim and tire cleaning
  • Windows & mirror wash
  • Carpet & mat cleaning

Full Detailing:

You spend millions of dollars to buy your favorite car and can’t take a risk on its beauty. Experts recommend that by detailing your car, you can keep its resale value for the future and increase its longevity.  The full detailing cost starts from $250 to $300. After spending much time on the advancement of vehicles, it’s easy to understand the pain points of cars to maintain them. Following are the services:

  • Exterior Hand wash
  • Ashtrays cleaned
  • Chamois dry
  • Machine Polish
  • Interior trims, plastic, and console detailed and dressed
  • Sun visors cleaned

Car Detailing at Home in Low Cost

You can clean and detail your car at home with a minimum budget. It will take your time but give you a scratch-free, shiny, clean, deodorized, and new look to your vehicle. Some easy tips for car detailing.

  • Pre-rinse the car because when you rub the foam full of detergent, no element can cause a minor scratch. Wash your car and then dry it.
  • After cleaning your car, use a clay bar to remove any contaminants from the paint. Then spray a lubricant on the car’s surface as an exterior solution. Take the microfiber towel and gently rub the solution until you get a glass shine.
  • Apply car wax as work in small sections. Take some wax on a cotton pad and buff the wax pad on the car in a circular motion, and after finishing, your car’s exterior is fully ready to see.
  • Clean the interior parts of your car using a cleaning solution spray and a microfiber towel.
  • Clean the seats and vacuum the carpet. Similarly, wash your floor mats.

Spray the deodorizer and give it a finishing touch.


How often should I do the detailing of my car?

Experts recommend that detailing a car at least once a year is a key to keeping it in new condition.  You should do detailing every six months to prevent contaminants and, most importantly remove scratches as they wouldn’t be there. Furthermore, don’t forget to apply car wax twice a year to protect your car’s color.

Can I do auto detailing at home at a cheap cost?

Yes, you can do the detailing of your car at home at a low price. But only use good quality, reasonably priced automotive products easily available in markets.

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