How to Clean Seat Belts in a Car? Pro Tip

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Car cleaning is a hectic task in itself which most of us try to ignore as much as we can till it can’t be ignored any more. And when we finally go for car detailing, we still ignore more of the essential interior parts that require extra care and attention.

The interior of a car is something that shouldn’t be neglected at any time because the more time we spend inside the car, the more we get it dirty by our very little moves. Be it the armrest console, the car seats or the carpets, we tend to leave food crumbs, stains or the dirt everywhere intentionally or unintentionally. Having a car with a shiny exterior is not a big deal if your car’s seat belts are not appropriate to give comfort.

Seat belts are the most crucial safety device to hold you on your seat in case of an accident. So, they deserve the most cleanliness. Here is a detailed guide about How to Clean Seat Belts in a Car?

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Car’s Seat Belts?

Whenever you set out for the journey in a car, first you have to touch your seat belts to have them around your trunk. So, when you grab them with dirty hands, they get dirty. You often see seat belts with coffee, make-up, ketchup, and grease stains.

These stains make your clothes dirty by leaving their impact on them. So, the car’s seat belts with such stains don’t look nice and give a negative impression of your personality.

Moreover, if you are a taxi driver, no passenger would like to travel in your car with such dirty seat belts.

The most irritating thing about dirty seat belts is the odor. You cannot drive comfortably with the sweaty smell produced by dirty seat belts. This irritating odor is produced when seat belts continuously keep in touch with the body and absorb the sweat.

So, cleaning seat belts regularly is necessary to ensure your journey is safe and comfortable. Suppose you are a beginner and don’t know how to clean seat belts in a car; there is no need to worry. Here, we use the easiest method you can apply to get good results within a few minutes.

How To Clean Seat Belts in a Car?

First, you need to gather all the essential items necessary to do this job. After that, follow these 5 steps to start working on seat belts.

List of Items that you need to clean your seat belts:

Step 1: Cover your Seats with any Household Towel

Open the door and cover the seats with a towel. It is done to prevent the car seats from splashes of dirty water while cleaning the seat belts. The towel will absorb the dirty water splashes and will not allow them to go into the seat foam. After covering the seats with a towel, you can easily wash your seat belts without fearing getting car seats dirty.

Step 2: Pull Out Seat Belts From The Spool

Gently pull out the seat belt from the retractor and clamp it to its fullest extent. Clamping the seat belts prevents them from getting back into the spool, giving you full access to every nook and corner of the belt.

If you don’t have a hand clamp in your excess then you can pull the whole of the seatbelt out of the car and then close the car door, this would not only make your work easier but would also protect your car’s interior from getting dirty.  If you still get some of the dirty water on car seats or on the carpets then you can follow our articles on these topics and clean them efficiently.

Step 3: Spray Fabric Cleaner

Lightly spray fabric cleaner on the fibers of seat belts. According to automotive experts, the cleaner you apply on the seat belts should be free of harsh chemicals and bleach. Using bleach or cleaner with harsh chemicals can damage the fabric or decolorize the seat belts. 

For dirty seat belts, make sure to use a stiff brush after applying the fabric cleaner, to get rid of the dust and dirt accumulated deep inside the fabric of the seatbelt.

In case if you don’t have a spray fabric or an all-purpose cleaner, then you can either use a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water to clean the seatbelts. Or, you can use baby wipes as an alternative to remove dirt from the seatbelts, which also works wonders when it comes to cleaning.

Step 4: Use Steamer 

If you have access to the steam machine in your home, spray the liquid fabric cleaner on the belt and blast the webbing with pressurized steam. This pressurized steam blows the dirt away and kills the germs inside the belt. 

Steam is also helpful in minimizing the amount of moisture. In this way, it reduces the time required to dry the belts.

Step 5: Dry the Belts with Microfiber Towel

Dry the belts with a microfiber towel by squeezing them between your hands and running up and down the fibers. At the end of the cleaning process, leave the belt extended for some time until it gets dried completely.

If the belt is retracted and retains the mixture, it will cause the rapid growth of bacteria and mold within the spool. So, give it time to dry thoroughly and keep them in an open atmosphere.

If the stains persist and become stubborn, apply these steps:

  • Dilute the all-purpose cleaner in a small cup of warm water. All-purpose cleaner is considered the best cleaner for seat belts by experts. 
  • Dip the small brush in a cup for a few seconds. 
  • Scrub the area on the belt with the stiff scrubbing brush where the stubborn stain exists. 
  • Use a minimum amount of liquid mixture to remove stains or else it could give rise to molds or bacteria, which would further cost you your time and money.

How To Remove The Strong Odor of The Seat Belt?

How To Remove The Strong Odor Of The Seat Belt?

Add two tablespoons of vinegar and one tablespoon of dish soap to one cup of warm water to remove strong odors. This mixture is also considered the best cleaner for seat belts. Apply the mixture of vinegar over the belts and gently scrub the webbing. It will certainly remove the odor and mold.

Vinegar kills bad smells and is a natural antibacterial agent to minimize future mold issues. So, there is no need to use any expensive antibacterial agent for mold issues and odor.

You can also dilute some baking soda with warm water and use this mixture on the seatbelt to remove the stagnant odor from it, cleaning it further in the process.

How to clean the seat belt buckle? The Easiest Method To Do That

Washing seat belt buckles doesn’t require rocket science. You need to follow these simple steps and you are good to go.

  • First, remove the buckle from the child restraint system.
  • Press the red button and hold the buckle for five to ten minutes under the warm water. 
  • Put the buckle out of the warm water, and dry it with the towel. 
  • According to automotive experts, there is no need to use a cleaner to clean the buckle. 
  • Reattach the buckle with restraints and get ready for a safe journey.


Cleaning car seat belts are as essential as seat belts for your safety. Cleaning them regularly will increase their durability and make them look pretty and usable. Hopefully, our guidelines will ensure the perfect seat belt cleaning without any damage.


After how much time should you wash your car’s seat belts?

The period depends upon the purpose for which you use your car. If you have a car for home, you should wash your car seat belts monthly. Moreover, if you are a taxi driver, you should wash them twice within a month.

Can You Pressure Wash Car Seat Belts?

Yes, You can pressure wash seat belts without damaging their webbings by setting suitable pressure on it. According to experts, you can set an appropriate pressure by using a 25-degree nozzle that will not damage seat belt webbing.

Otherwise, directly using high pressure will damage the webbing, resulting in seat belts losing their firmness and flexibility.

How long does it take for the seatbelts to dry before it can be retracted?

Normally, it takes one-two days for the seatbelts to dry completely. So, make sure you give it all the time to dry as required or you could end up with mold or bacteria inside your car.

In case, you are short of time and have to go somewhere due to which you cannot provide it with sufficient time for drying, then use a hairdryer to dry the seatbelts and speed up the whole process.

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