3 Easy Ways to Remove Water Spots from a Car? 2023

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One of the most stubborn stains is watermarks. It is very tough to remove water spots from a car. Unfortunately, if your car suffers from water stains, this is the worst condition of its exterior look.

The car surface has three layers, and the upper layer is called a clear coat. Water is not just simple water but also contains some impurities and minerals. These impurities left a stain in the form of residue on the car’s clear coat. It could only be a stain or turn into dangerous permanent spots if you ignore them.

Many factors can affect your car’s luxurious look, but care is the primary key to preventing these factors. To get rid of these spots, you should be very careful. But if your car contains the worst water spots, there’s no need to worry about it.

We will show you three unique super effective ways to remove water spots from a car.

3 Super Effective Ways to Remove Water Spots from a Car

Water spots are visible and seem to be easily removable. Once you start to clean them, after drying, they’ll again appear. Additionally, these stubborn spots need special attention and care for removal as soon as possible. Time matters significantly because no stain will remain if you wipe the water off quickly.

Similarly, they will get harder and become permanent with time. So, be quick to remove it. Following are some home-using products but also used by professionals.

Remove Water Spots from a Car with Automotive Detergent

3 Easy Ways To Remove Water Spots From A Car? 2023

If water spots are not so old on your car, then it will take less effort to remove. But you can’t think to ignore them if you don’t want permanent stains on your car.

Automotive detergents are the best solution to remove them. You can also use homemade detergents. But they can contain harmful ingredients damaging your car’s clear coat. It almost ruined the shine of your car, which you don’t want.

Step 1:

Select a cool place for your vehicle for any process. Never do this in sunlight because UV radiation can harm its paint. Pre-rinse your car. Take a soft fiber cloth piece or use foam.

Step 2:

Take enough automotive detergent on the foam and gently start rubbing in circulation motion. Do this with a normal force so that no particles remain on the car’s surface.

Step 3:

Wash all the detergent properly so that no signs remain. Dry quickly with a soft fiber towel, and you’ll see the stain gone.

Remove Water Spots from a Car with Vinegar 

Vinegar solution is famous in the cleaning section because of its magical uses. White vinegar has powerful acidic nature that can dissolve dirt, mineral deposit, grim, and grease. It is the safest method to remove hard stains of water.

Step 1: 

First of all, wash your car. Before doing any process, you must wash your car often to prevent dirt and grime. Moreover, it’s not the thing that you rub the foam full of detergent and rinse off. Carelessness can’t be in your court, so do it correctly, and don’t forget to dry your vehicle after washing.

Step 2: 

Take 1 part of water and 1 part of white vinegar. Mix both in a spray bottle, and your vinegar solution is ready.

Step 3:

Clean the affected area and spray the solution on it. Leave the solution for 1 minute, then take a microfiber towel and rub it softly for 3 to 5 minutes in circulation motion. Wash the area and dry it with a cloth of piece. You’ll see the clear shiny surface.

Remove Water Spots from a Car with Baking Soda

Here is another method to remove hard water stains from a car. You can erase the stubborn residue with the power of baking soda. It gives a scrubbing effect to sponges without making them harsh for things. It is super effective to remove tarnish, yellowish, and stains. However, it is used for many other purposes.

Step 1:

First, make your effective solution with water and baking soda. If you want a stronger effect, add an equal amount of white vinegar and mix it. It’ll become a fine paste.

Step 2:

Apply this fine paste to a soft cloth and gently rub it on spots. Leave the solution for 15 minutes.

Step 3:

Clean it with water and dry it with a towel. You can use this solution 2 to 3 times for better results.

Causes of Water Spots on Cars:

Water spots are a common problem for many. We often see this in our routine, sometimes on house windows and the wash basin. But the question is, why are these stains so stubborn and hard to remove? When this a simple water. It is just not simple water.

  • If water that contains natural minerals sits for too long at the surface of the car, then it is absorbed in the clear coat and makes a permanent stain.
  • It can also appear when you wash your car and do not dry it. After washing your car, it is dust and other contaminants-free. So, water minerals leave their stain.
  • Rainwater that contains magnesium and carbohydrate causes residues to stain. It is very tough to remove them.


Don’t leave any water so long on your car’s surface. It will cause permanent stains and take much effort to remove-save your car’s luxurious look.


Can we use all these methods for removing water spots on car windows?

Yes, you can use these methods to remove water spots on car windows. Windows are made of tempered glass and tested differently to see its ability. These are highly sufficient to bear every situation. You can especially use automotive products for car windows.

Is this helpful in removing water stains from glass?

The vinegar solution is recommended to remove water stains from glass. It can easily remove them with a small effort.

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