How to Make a Car Shine Like Glass? The Ultimate Guide (2023)

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Your dream car has been achieved with your life struggle. It helps to create a professional, social, and personal image of your personality. It is not easy to maintain and make a car shine like glass.

A shiny car enhances the grace and attracts you to ride. The car exterior is the first eye-catching thing that puts the whole impression. Potential buyers know the value of a shiny exterior. They get the idea of an overall car’s condition by judging the exterior. This is how cars retain their resale value.

With professional care, you can turn your dull car paintwork into a shiny glass car. This guideline is especially for you to make a car shine like glass. You can do this by preserving the car’s paintwork, making the surface clean, scratch-free, and with no sign of road grime. Get rid of any contaminants that may dull the paint of the car. With the help of this guideline, you can make a car shine at home by using some effective products, or you can also take help from professionals.  So here we go.

How to Make a Car Shine Like Glass in 6 Steps?

It is not tough, but it needs expert advice on what to do. If you want to make your car shine like glass, you must follow the proper steps. The essential step is to give it a protective and new look finish. If you do not clean the surface properly, it may limit the result.

1. Wash Your Car Like a Pro to Make it Shine

The first necessary step is to give a very clean wash to your car. Professionals often emphasize proper car washing because it might cause scratches and other bad effects if you do it carelessly. It will give you limited results and dull the car’s paintwork

Experts suggest that use a high-quality pH-neutral car wash shampoo. Because it is best to remove dirt and road grime. Additionally, it prevents car surfaces from water spots

Take a bucket and add some water and shampoo. Make the soapy water and start rubbing the car gently so no sign of road grim will remain. After that, rinse it with water.

2. Don’t Forget to Dry It

Many people don’t dry their cars after washing, and they ignore this step without knowing its importance. They let it on air dry and think it’s enough. No, it’s completely wrong. Letting your car simply dry on air is not the solution. It will cause irremovable water stains that will also turn to worst permanent stains.

To prevent this problem, you must dry your car with a large microfiber towel, or you can also use an air dryer. Make sure to dry every single inch.

3. Use Clay Bar For Decontamination

Why should we need to claying? Claying is the process used to remove all the contaminants that wouldn’t remove with a simple wash. Road grime gets sticky with the car’s clear coat and is hard to remove. A simple car wash isn’t enough for it.

Take a piece of clay and start rubbing it on the car’s surface. It’ll put out and adhere all the remaining dirt and road grime from the car’s clear coat so nicely, giving it a crystal-clean look.

4. Insert The Shine With Polisher

Polish, as the name shows its ability. It restores the car’s paint and helps to protect it from the harmful element. Additionally, it helps with minor paint correction, removing scratches, and restoring fading paintwork.

It is recommended that to get the new look as good as it left the showroom you need to do a little effort or spend some money on it. Take to a small microfiber towel, one for applying polish and the other for buffing the surface.

Take the polish on a towel and rub it on the surface. Work in a small section and do it with a circulation motion. During the process, it will make your car shine like glass. Professionals suggest using an electric buffer, which gives an extra shine and saves time and effort.

5. Make It Scratch Prof With Waxing

After polishing, wax your car for extra shine and a protective layer. Waxing is the process that protects your car’s clear coat by creating a protective layer on it. It also prevents minor scratches, dirt, road grime, and other contaminants. It is an essential part of the car care routine. It should be applied twice weekly for an extra protective layer and shine.

After washing your car, take liquid or hard wax for a glossy protective layer. Grab a sponge, take enough wax, and start rubbing it on the car’s surface. Work in a small area by moving your hand in a circulation motion. Make sure you rub it equal on all parts until you see the shine. It would be better if you use the electrical buffer for this purpose.

6. Window and Glass Cleaning

Don’t forget to give an extra gloss to your window. Remove old parking and ID stickers and make a place for a new one. The glass should be as clear as crystal to give an expensive look. You can use a simple glass cleaner to remove dust and residue from the windscreen, windows, side mirrors, and headlights.

Spray glass cleaner on windows and clean them with soft fabric cloth. When you wash your car, please pay special attention to dry glass because any residue can become a permanent watermark, which is very difficult to remove after cleaning the glass. After finishing, you’ll see the crystal shine in your car.


How to make dull car paint shine?

You would probably know the value of a car’s exterior. If your car’s paint becomes dull or it has breakouts. Don’t worry. Apply some simple tricks to make it shine. Wash your car and dry it. Do paint restoration work, like polishing with an electric buffer, and apply wax afterward. Your dull car paint turns to a shiny, glossy look.

How to make a car shine at home?

You do not need any professional for your car to shine. With these simple steps, you can do it at home under a budget.
1. Wash your car & dry it to remove dirt and road grime
2. Polish it with an electric buffer and apply wax for protection
3. Clean the glass with a glass cleaner. Your car is ready to shine.

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