Save Money With 4 DIY Ways To Remove Deep Scratches on Car

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Everyone wants to remove deep scratches from your car at home without any effort is the most satisfying dream of life. It’s a common hated thing that we often face in different situations. It happened from not applying car wax to messy tree branches until we got frustrated with it.

An enthusiastic car lover never tolerates a single scratch on his vehicle. First of all, we should understand the types of scratches. Every car’s metal body has three upper layers that are the real look of a car:

  1. Primer layer
  2. Base coat
  3. Clear coat
Remove Deep Scratches From Your Car At Home

The clear coat is a car’s upper surface that protects the paint and makes it shinier and more attractive. The base coat is the main paint of the car’s body, and primer is the base of the paint.

Similarly, we examine the scratch and predict how deep it is. But it is not as tough as we think. Here are some quick, effective tips to remove a deep car scratch at home.

4 Best Ways to Remove Deep Scratches From Your Car At Home 

It is easy to manage a car scratch at home instead of wasting hundreds of dollars on it. Whenever we see a car scratch, it seems like we are having a scratch on our hearts with the same pain, like a face pimple is better than a car scratch.

Or you are facing some trouble because of naughty kids. Don’t worry. We are talking about removing stubborn car scratches, so here we go!

1. Remove Scratches From Car Via Toothpaste

It is the easiest way to remove the surface scratch. First, touch your fingers on the scratch and examine how deep it is, then:

Step 1: Make sure the scratch area is clean from dirt because it can make it worst. If it is not, then wash your car. You can use the automotive detergent and pressure washer for deep cleaning.

Step 2: After washing, dry the surface area for a better result. If it remains wet, the toothpaste will not stay on the toothpaste.

Step 3: Take enough toothpaste on the micro-fiber towel and apply it to the scratch to move your hand in a circular motion. Apply force while rubbing the towel but in control that you wouldn’t harm the area.

Step 4: Wipe off the excess toothpaste and repeat the procedure three times, and you’ll see the magic, as the scratch wasn’t there.

Remove Scratches From Car Via Toothpaste

2. Remove Deep Scratches With The Help of Sand Paper

Deep scratches are not easy to remove but not hard to handle, especially exposure to paint. Professionals often recommend this method to remove deep scratches from a car. But you can get rid of them by following:

Step 1: Use 2000-grit sandpaper to sand the scratch. Use it wisely in the direction of the scratch because random motion can cause more scratches. Clean it or wash it if it doesn’t bother you because the dust or dirt particles on the surface can cause paint exposure.

Step 2: Cover up with masking tape to all the nearest areas and spray automotive primer on the sanded area. Let it dry, and then spray matching paint of your car on that area. It’s hard to find the exact color but not impossible. Let it dry too.

Step 3: Polish the affected area until it becomes the same as other parts.

3. Be Pro With a Fix-it Pro

Fix-it Pro is the most interesting and trustable product by professionals to remove the car scratch quickly and without effort. It is a scratch-removing pen that fills the scratch area and clears the surface. You can’t even imagine difficult things when you have the easiest ones.

It is easy to use, like a pen. Just draw a line on scratch and see the magic.

4. Home Remedies For Removing Car scratches

No need to go to the mechanic for little things and spend money. You can do this on your own with little effort. Remove a deep scratch from the car at home, but before applying any remedy and don’t forget to clean the surface area, so all will work properly.

  • Candle Wax:

It is not a full-time solution to scratch. Candle wax can heal light scratches so gently that, for a short-term period, it creates a layer on it and looks like a part of the surface.

Take some candle wax and apply it to the affected area. Now, rub the microfiber towel softly, and your work is done.

  • Shoe Polish

It is the best instant solution to fill the scratch. Put some same color shoe polish on the area and sand it with sandpaper softly so that you only do it on scratch. No need to harm yourself by applying too much force. It also causes damage to your car’s paint. After all the polish gets clear, wipe the area with a clean cloth and rub it until it gives a shiny texture. Your scratch will be gone.

  • Colored/Transparent Super Glue 

Super glue is a gel material that fills up the scratch and makes it like the other surrounding area. It contains some ceramic coating effects that can level up the surface. Make sure your car is clean.

Professional detailers emphasize applying wax on a car twice a year to prevent scratches. It is also a similar material to handle these types of things. It makes a protective layer on the car’s upper surface to prevent and give it a shiny effect.

Instructions to Prevent the Car Scratches

You can prevent your worst dream from becoming a reality. It can be more beneficial than a cure if you do some super cool attempts to save your care, like:

  1. Clean your car regularly and wash it twice in a weak
  2. Apply car wax or ceramic coating for protection
  3. Drive with defensive techniques
  4. Your parking space should be in your car’s favor
  5. Use high-quality automotive products

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does car wax help to prevent deep scratches?

No, it doesn’t prevent deep scratches, but it helps to avoid light scratches on a clear coat of the car’s surface.

Can I remove windshield scratches by using toothpaste?

Yes, you may also use toothpaste to remove windshield scratches. 
Dab some little amount of toothpaste on a clean cotton pad. Apply it to the screen and gently rub the cotton pad until you see the scratch is gone. Clean the toothpaste from the windshield.

Are deep scratches purely cosmetic, or can they harm my car’s integrity?

Deep scratches are not just cosmetic; they can expose your car’s metal to rust and corrosion. Addressing them promptly is essential to prevent further damage.

How can I determine the severity of a scratch and if it’s deep enough to require repair?

Run your fingernail over the scratch; if it catches, it’s likely deep. If it doesn’t catch and you can’t see bare metal, it’s probably a surface scratch that may buff out easily.

Is it necessary to repaint a car panel with a deep scratch?

If the scratch reaches bare metal, you may need touch-up paint to prevent rust. Repainting the panel might be necessary for extensive damage or if the scratch is too deep to repair.

Can deep scratches be completely removed, or will there always be some trace left behind?

While deep scratches can often be significantly improved or made less noticeable, completely erasing them depends on their severity and the skill of the person performing the repair.

What if I’m uncomfortable with DIY scratch repair?

If you’re uncertain or uncomfortable tackling deep scratch removal yourself, it’s best to consult a professional auto body shop to ensure a high-quality repair.

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