How to Protect Headlights From UV Rays? Problems and Solutions (2023)

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Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed your car headlights diminishing over time. I am sure you must have because if there is anything common nowadays that we all face is the short life of the things we use.

Whether it be a car or a lamp, nothing works for more than its designed period. Hence, headlights are no different, they do abate over time.

But, have you ever noticed your car headlights diminishing way before their predicted time? That’s not your headlights on the edge of giving up. That’s your headlights case, the exterior of your headlights becomes foggy or yellowish due to high UV rays from the sunlight.

People often mistake the fog for their headlights. Well, whether it be your headlights or your headlight case, this is something that shouldn’t be ignored because low headlights usually account for major accidents that happen at night. And hence all the car owners out there should do something about it to protect their cars’ headlights from UV rays.

How to Protect Headlights From UV Rays?

The headlamps of the car, made of plastics are liable to damage. Ultraviolet rays from the sun, when absorbed by plastics, degrade them. Over time, tiny little cracks and yellowness appear on the plastic of the headlamp due to oxidation which blocks the light from the beam, diminishing it in the process.

3 Tips to Protect the Headlights From UV Rays

If you are the one who has got dimmed headlights, first check whether it’s the fog or the yellow mess from oxidation or if it’s your headlights that require repairing.

In case it’s haziness due to UV rays then it’s still no big deal, there are some tips and tricks to save you from further damage.

1. Park Your Car at a Shaded Place

Always park your car at a cool and dry-shaded place. Parking on the road at night can suffice but try not to park your car on the road in broad daylight. Sunlight can damage your car’s headlights and its exterior way beyond your imagination. And prevention is always better than cure so make sure that you park your car in a garage or something. 

If you are bound to park your car on the road then at least cover it with some protective car cover to avoid the damage as much as you can.

2. Clean Your Headlights

Make sure you always give attention to the headlamps of your car while washing. People often focus on the car’s exterior and forget that there are headlamps too that could use some cleaning.

Don’t misjudge your clear headlights with their cleanliness because there is often this grime layer that we can’t see but it’s there so make sure you give your undivided attention to your headlights and wipe it with a microfiber cloth.

3. Use Protection Film or Protectant Spray

Also, cover the headlights of your car with a clear vinyl layer or the protection film layer to be extra cautious and prevent all the expected damage from the UV rays or the environment.

Or, you can also use any of the protectant sprays leading the industry so that your headlights never dim.

Is it Just the UV Light That Damages the Headlights?

No, it’s not just the UV rays that damage the headlights. There are several other factors as well that play quite a role in impairing your headlights and those are:

  • Moisture: Since headlight covers aren’t completely airtight so there is a high chance that water from the moisture could be trapped resulting in hazy lights.
  • Environmental Factors: Other environmental factors also affect the headlamps including dirt, road debris, rocks, oil stains, etc.


Headlights, the forefront soldiers are the ones that take more of the dirt and the grime, not to mention the harsh UV rays from the sunlight that affects them the most.

So, if you have dimmed lights then waste no more time because this issue cannot be taken lightly as it directly affects visibility at night.

Follow the above-mentioned tips and save yourself and your loved ones from an unexpected catastrophe. Car detailing experts believe that this all hassle can be saved if you take care of your headlamps from the very start.


Is there any chance that cars parked in the garage get their headlights impaired?

Yes, if there is moisture in the air of your garage or parking lot then there is a high chance that your headlights will still be susceptible to damage.

Is there any other thing that can be used to protect the headlamps instead of protective film?

Yes, you can use a wax or sealant containing UV inhibitors to protect your headlamps.

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