How to Select the Best Paint Protection Film For Your Car in 2023?

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Have you ever felt the need to do something to protect your car’s paint? Because, I have felt the need more than once. And I am sure you must have felt it as well.

Distorted roads, loose dirt, gravel, and harsh sunlight are the few things that are hard to avoid whether you live in a rural or a highly developed urban area.

Well, we do love a little tan sometimes but cars don’t. The high UV light from the sun affects the car’s paint, lowering the actual shine in the process. Not to mention, the scratches and the rock chips from driving on loose roads or driving fast damage the car’s paint.

In case you are wondering about the solution, then there is one which is Paint Protection Film (PPF) most commonly known as the Clear Bra.

How to Select the Best Paint Protection Film For Your Car?

What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

Paint Protection Film is a comprehensive form of protection that when applied to your vehicle protects it from various hazards that could impair its paint. From scratches to environmental contaminants and from rock chips to UV rays, it’s effective enough to protect your vehicle’s paint from all such threats.

  • Tips to Keep in Mind While Selecting the Best Paint Protection Film:

In the past, the paint protection films didn’t have many options and the ones that were there came with some inbuilt issues like they were prone to stay intact for a long time and would turn yellow after a certain period.

However, with the change in techniques and the increase in demand, things aren’t the same as they were before. Now, there comes a variety of ppf in the market, all of which are great from the others and hence provide the desired outcome for a long time.

So, if you are to select a good quality for your car then don’t worry because you can never go wrong with all the best and top-notch products out there. Still, there are certain things that you should keep in mind while choosing the best paint protection film for your car. That is:

  • First, always keep in mind to buy the product that serves its prime purpose the best. The main purpose of the paint protection film is to protect your car from all external hazards. Hence, select a ppf that provides top-tier protection for your car.
  • Make sure the ppf that you are choosing for your car is industry certified and keeps intact for a long time, reducing the need for peeling or damaging.
  • The products leading the car protection industry have some unique feature that makes them appealing to the customers and that is self-healing ability. So, if you want your car to shine for a long time then you can always choose any brand that has the self-healing ability to make sure that no minor scratches appear on your car for quite some time.
  • There is another thing that one must keep in mind while selecting the best paint protection film for your car and that is which brand your installer recommends. Or which type is easy to install for him because no matter how best ppf you have brought, it all depends on the installation.

Now, you don’t want blisters or peeling of your new car protection film so always consult with your installer first.

3 Different Types of Car Paint Protection films

Usually, there are many types of car paint protection film but the common three types of ppf are:

1. Ceramic Coatings:

This is a chemical applied to the exterior of the car to protect it from all external hazards. It protects the clear coat of the car from all sorts of dirt and stains.

2. Wax:

It is the most common type of ppf that gives a shiny touch to your car and could easily be removed by detergents.

3. Sealant:

It preserves the paint of your car, which is inexpensive but provides the best outcomes that last for months.

How Long Does Paint Protection Film Last?

It mainly depends on the product you are using and on your care. The leading brands of the industry usually last for 8-10 years on average which surpasses based on your vigilance. And if you are the one to not even look at your car’s condition for once then no matter how outclass the brand is, it wouldn’t last that long.

Are There Any Disadvantages of PPF? Does it Affect the Paint of the Car?

The disadvantages of car protection film aren’t that much based on its performance. It can be costly for some but the span it serves usually overcomes the cost.

And no. It doesn’t usually affect the paint of the car especially if you are buying a leading brand then rest assured as it will be easy to peel off at the end.


Paint protection films are a must if you love your car all shiny and dope every time. But, not just any paint protection film would provide you with the desired outcome. To get top-tier protection, make sure you choose the right product and the right installer.

Car detailing experts believe that it’s the installer who makes more of a difference than the product so make sure you don’t go wrong with that. And, In case you are unsure of the right product, you can always check our above-mentioned tips to make the right choice.


Is it necessary to consult an installer or anybody can install the paint protection film on cars?

Yes, it’s always necessary to contact an installer because it takes experience and extra care to perfectly install the paint protection film on cars. Sometimes, even experienced installers mess it up so there is no way a normal person can do it.

Is there any way to make your paint protection film last long?

Yes, there is always a way. All the different paint protection films out there are more or less the same. But still some last long while some don’t. Of course, the product itself matters but what matters most is your care. The more you’ll take care of your car, the more it will last long.

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