Can You Put Car Wash Soap in a Pressure Washer? Know the Expert Recommendations

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Cleaning and washing the car once every two weeks makes it look fresh and brand new. If your car has a gleaming shine and all the features are fresh, just like a new car, surely you will get a high price whenever you want to sell it to get a new one. Protecting and maintaining its original features increases its value and makes it more admirable. That’s why it’s essential for a person to wash his car once a week or so to maintain its sparkle and shine.

We all want to give our car a gleaming shine, but cleaning is time-consuming and requires hard work. On the other hand, going into a service station to clean a car is not budget-friendly, and many people can’t afford it. So, the only way to wash a car at home is to either do it manually or use a pressure washer.

A pressure washer works best when you are short of time and keeps all the cleaning procedures safe and fruitful. It would be best if you have many things for washing a car with the pressure washer, such as Soap or detergents, sponges, soft cloth, and many more.

Soap or detergent plays a pivotal role in the car wash, so in this article, we will discuss all the queries about car wash soap or detergent, especially a question that is essential to know; Can you put Car Wash Soap in a Pressure Washer?

Moreover, we will discuss how detergents or soap work with a pressure washer.

Can you put Car Wash Soap in a Pressure Washer?

Before getting the answer to this question, you must first learn what car wash soap is? Because the composition and function of car soap influence the pressure washer affecting its functionality in the process.

What is Car Wash soap?

A soap removes stubborn stains, debris, bird poop, and sticky oil particles from the car’s exterior. If we go into the composition of car soap, it has two types of ingredients containing two different types of molecule chains. One molecule chain has an affinity for water and dissolves itself easily in it. The second molecular chain of car soap has an affinity for dirt particles and dissolves these particles in itself by making chemical bonding with them.

Car soap produces much foam and bubbles when we dissolve in water. Foam reduces friction and prevents the surface of the exterior from scratches. Moreover, it gives a glimmering shine to your car.

Can you put Car Wash Soap in a Pressure Washer? 

No, you can’t put car wash soap in a pressure washer because the pressure washer is compatible with car wash detergents. The pressure washer comes with a designated tank more compatible with car detergents than car soap.

The car wash soap is incompatible with a pressure washer because it creates a lot of foam when mixed with water. This foam can harm the pressure washer’s nozzle and block its functioning.

Most people think if you dilute the Soap more, it can reduce the production of foam. It is true, but the dilution of Soap produces more bubbles. And these bubbles are also harmful to the pressure washer. So the only solution is to put car detergents in a designated tank of pressure washers instead of car soap.

Experts always consider the detergent-water solution as the best car wash solution for pressure washers.

When we dilute car detergents in a pressure washer’s detergent tank, it causes bubbles and foam to that extent which is suitable for the fantastic job of pressure washer.

If you still want to use car soap instead of detergent, you need to apply the car soap manually to the car’s surface. Using car soap without putting it into a pressure washer can also do an excellent job for you in car washing.

Benefits of Using Car Soap 

Car soap is incompatible with a pressure washer but is more beneficial than detergents. let’s discuss all of its benefits below:

  • Car wash liquid Soap prevents the surface of the car from getting scratches.
  • It does an excellent job of getting rid of oil, debris, and many other contaminated particles.
  • It adds more shine to the surface of the car.
  • It fights off the annoying spots of water with ease.

How to Make Car Wash Soap For a Pressure Washer?

Indeed, the car wash soap is unsuitable for a pressure washer, but it works fantastic if we apply it directly on the car’s surface. Here, we will provide you with the three car wash soap alternatives that are virtually free of charge and environmentally friendly.

1. Vinger– Water Solution

Mix one part of Vinegar with one part of water and heat it for a few minutes. Apply the vinegar-water solution to the car exterior, glass panels, and windshields. And you will get excellent results without affecting the ecosystem.

2. Use Baby Shampoo

Use baby shampoo in a pail of water. Apply the shampoo-water solution to the car’s surface and rinse it. After a few minutes, your car will give a glimmering shine.

3. Leftover Soap Bars

Dissolve the leftover soap bars in a bucket of warm water. Then, apply the soapy mixture to the exterior and glass panels of the car. After a few moments, you will get fruitful results that you will like.

What Detergents Can be Used in Pressure Washers? How Detergents Work With Pressure Washers?

There are many detergents that can be used in pressure washers but the car detailing experts suggest using only detergents in pressure washers that are compatible with both your vehicle and pressure washer. Because such detergents won’t harm the pressure washers in the long run and would provide you with the best results. All in all, you can use an all purpose detergent, degreasers or other normal detergents on your vehicle, compatible with your pressure washer and your vehicle.

There are two different ways of using a detergent in a pressure washer, upstream and downstream water flow injection. Upstream is more effective than downstream as it cleans more efficiently and effectively, but many people out there prefer pressure washers having downstream water flow injection as you can use a number of detergents in them.

In the downstream water flow injection, chemicals are introduced after the pump and into the water system, unlike the upstream water flow injection in which chemicals in detergents run through a pump.


No, we can’t put car wash soap in the pressure washer because it makes a lot of foam and bubbles, which can harm the pressure washer’s nozzle. The pressure washer is only compatible with car detergents. Moreover, car wash soap does a great job if you apply it directly on the car’s surface.


What are the excellent qualities of car wash soap?

The car wash soap should dissolve in water, be eco-friendly, and be easy to use. Moreover, it should avoid the surface of the car from scratches. 

Can you use any car soap in the pressure washer?

No, you can’t use any car soap in a pressure washer. The pressure washer is only compatible with those Car detergents specially made according to the pressure washer detergent’s tank.

After how many times should we wash our cars? 

Automobile experts recommend that we should wash our cars once after two weeks. By doing this, you can maintain your car’s appearance and give it a glimmering shine. 

Are there any car wash soaps available that can put in the pressure washers?

Yeah, there are some soaps in the market that can be put in the pressure washer and which can give remarkable results that one might think of. But, it is not preferred by the car detailing experts because by the end of the day it will still harm the pressure washer after some time.

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