What Pressure Washer Nozzle Is Safe For Car Washing? 2023

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With a car comes the responsibility of cleaning. If you are also a car enthusiast like us then you know the gravity of the situation. Not everyone can take this immense responsibility of washing and cleaning a car because it not only takes much of your time but also requires extreme care. Attention and of course patience.

Cleaning a car manually with just water might do the job most of the time only if you do it 2-3 times a week. But, if you cannot take that much time out of your schedule every week then you will need to do it once in every 15 days with extreme patience and undivided attention. Or, you could shift to other techniques like using pressure washers to wash a car and bring back its shiny look.

Pressure washer, a marvelous tool, is widely used for pressure washing. It is a versatile tool that we use for both the domestic and commercial purposes. Domestically, it is used to wash doors, roofs, domestic equipment, and many more while commercially, it is used to wash heavy equipment such as machinery, vehicles, and many other things. The use of pressure washers for commercial purposes is vast compared to domestic purposes.

What Pressure Washer Nozzle Is Safe For Car?

What Pressure Washer Nozzle Is Safe For Car

All the parts of a pressure washer should necessarily be discussed but the most crucial thing is the suitable nozzle for proper and secure functioning of the pressure washer. A pressure washer’s nozzle is essential because it controls the pressure of the water stream that hits your cleaning surface.

The wrong choice of the nozzle can lead to the destruction of the surface of the car. So, one should be very careful while selecting the right nozzle of pressure washer to wash his car.

There are numerous types of pressure washer nozzles available in the market. All nozzles vary in size and design. A nozzle designed for the specific nature of cleaning objects cannot be used for other objects of different nature. Here by nature, it means the physical properties of cleaning objects.

This article will answer all of your questions related to, What Pressure Washer Nozzle Is Safe For Car? You will also be provided with all the helpful information about washing cars that you need to know.

Types of Pressure Washer Nozzles:

Five basic types of nozzles are used commonly such as 0° (red nozzle), 15° (yellow nozzle), 25° (green nozzle), 40°(white nozzle), and 65°(soap). All these nozzles are commonly used for washing purposes, but they differ in functioning as per the nature of the cleaning object. Let’s discuss all types of nozzles in detail respectively.

Types Of Pressure Washer Nozzles

Red 0°Nozzle

A Red 0° nozzle is the best choice for getting a water stream of maximum pressure. It works fantastic when you want to wash the things placed at high areas standing at the low area. It helps you get better access to high areas by providing the highest pressure.

It can be used to wash unpainted and uncoated surfaces of the car effectively, but using it to wash visible painted parts of the car is not suitable. Normally it is used to wash concrete surfaces with its high pressure hence, using it on cars could be risky. It can damage the glassy surface of the car and ruins the colored coating of the upper surface.

Note: Don’t use it over any body part of a person, especially facial skin and eyes, because it can easily damage the skin with the extreme pressure.

Yellow 15° Nozzle

Yellow 15° nozzle consists of slightly more opening than the red nozzle but is also harmful for automobile cleaning purposes. It can ruin the coated surface of the car and damage the sensitive parts of the boat, such as the glass of the window and front screen. It is most suitable to remove tough stains, rust, and debris from sidewalks or such hard surfaces but definitely not from vehicles.

Green 25° Nozzle

You will be happy to know that Green 25° Nozzle is suitable for cleaning vehicles, primarily cars, without the fear of any damage. It ejects a water stream with less pressure than other above-mentioned nozzles. It is used to pre-wash the tires, cap hubs, sideways, driveways, and many other vehicle parts.

White 40° Nozzles

White 40° Nozzle is the finest pressure washer nozzle to wash cars of every kind without the fear of any damage. It does an excellent job of cleaning all the surfaces, even painted and coated surfaces. Its spray covers a large surface area and does your job within a few minutes. It also proves itself the best choice by quickly rinsing off detergents and cleaners.

Soap 65° Nozzle: Low Pressure Nozzle For Pessure Washer

The 65° soap nozzle has a different working style than other pressure washer nozzles. It has an oversized orifice which decreases the velocity of ejecting water and helps pull out detergent and water to clean the surface properly. Its spray covers a wide area and reduces your time by quickly cleaning.

Are Pressure Washers Safe For The Cleaning Of Cars? What Can We Use Instead Of Pressure Washers?

Pressure washers are extremely safe for the washing of cars if chosen correctly. Not all pressure washers can be used for the cleaning of cars. If you are to use a pressure washer for your car then make sure it has the perfect nozzle suitable to clean a car and it has the right pressure of up to 2500 psi to get the job done.

In case, if the pressure washer is not available to you at the time of need and you are short of time then the other best option to clean the car in very less time is a garden hose. It would not give the best outcomes as the pressure washer but it would do the job for the time being and if taken much care then you will not be disappointed.


Pressure washers can be the best-fitting option for the cleaning of cars only when the right choice is made when it comes to the selection of nozzles. Car detailing experts believe that choosing a wrong nozzle could result in the destruction of a car’s exterior surface or its paint. So, make sure you keep in mind the aforementioned points and then select the right degree nozzle for your car or you would be in for another detailing ride that could cost you a lot.


What color nozzle to pressure wash car is the best choice? 

The 40° white Nozzle is the best choice to wash a car without the fear of any damage. The ejecting stream of water of much pressure through this nozzle can easily remove tough stains, mud, spots, and contaminated particles.

What is a soap nozzle, and how does it work? 

Soap Nozzle is recognized due to its white color. It has a large orifice which decreases the velocity of ejecting water and increases the pressure to pull out detergents along with water. It is the most beneficial to spray soapy water on a car.

What is the necessary equipment to wash a car at home?

Many things are needed to wash a car at home, such as a pressure washer, nozzle, a bucket, sponges, soap, soft cloths, scrub brush, polish, glass cleaner, and paper towels. 

On an average, what psi is preferred to wash a car?

Usually car detailers believe that you can wash a car with a pressure ranging from 1000-1500 psi which can go up to 2200 psi for some cases.

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