Can a Car Battery Die While Driving? Must Know Before Drive (2023)

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Has it ever happened to you that your car suddenly stops while driving? It might have and that’s normal. If your car’s battery has been giving up a lot lately and you’re thinking, can a car battery die while driving? Then, read this article completely and get the answers to all your questions.

But, has it ever happened to you that your car out of nowhere gives up and doesn’t start again? It might not because that’s something very rare. However, people with experience can relate to how difficult it gets if your car gets you stranded out of nowhere in the middle of the road.

Well, this might be either because of your car’s battery or alternator. The important question here is:

Can a Car Battery Die While Driving? Early Signs of Weak Battery

Although it’s not a very common occurrence, that doesn’t mean that it can’t happen. A battery can die while driving but the real question here is:

What Happens if the Car Battery Dies While Driving?

To understand the answer to this question best, you need to understand the mechanism of your car first.

A battery is responsible for generating all the electricity for the car. Any component with current is sponsored by the battery. One of the major tasks of the battery is to start the car. Then there is the alternator that charges the battery. The alternator is a little motor that gets the power from a car’s engine which can only happen once the car starts.

In simple words, to make the alternator come to life, a car has to start which is done by using a battery. Coming back to the question at hand, what happens if the car battery dies while driving?

If the car battery dies while driving and the alternator is healthy then your car would not give up as of yet. As long as you turn off all the high-powered electrical components like HVAC, radio, lights, etc. then the alternator is enough to help you reach home safely.

However, if you stop the car or it stops by itself then it’s a problem because it requires a functioning battery to start the car.

But if the alternator dies along with the battery then you are in big trouble. First, the car’s engine will turn off followed by the lights, the power steering, HVAC, and everything that was working earlier will turn off and it will feel like you have parked in the middle of the road.

What to Do if the Car Alternator Dies Along With the Battery While Driving?

  • If you are in such a situation that your car gives up in the middle of the road then the first thing you need to do is to pull over to some side so the traffic isn’t disturbed.
  • Now that you have parked on the side, so first try restarting the car, it’s worth a shot. Although it can’t start in case it works then turn off all the electrical components and drive straight to the mechanic’s or your house.
  • If none of these tips work then you can just ask someone for help to tow your car to the mechanic’s or you can lock your car and bring the mechanic over to your car.

What Causes a Battery to Die?

If the car battery is faulty and is unable to accept the charge from the alternator then the battery will keep dying since it’s using the power that isn’t enough. Or if there is a problem with the alternator then no matter whether your car battery is new or not, it will die eventually.


If you are a car enthusiast then you should know of the above-mentioned tips to save yourself from an unfortunate situation that can occur anytime. And if you have been in this situation once then you now know what was wrong at the time and what to do next time.


Is there any way to restart the car once the battery gives up while driving?

Yes, you can always try to restart with a jump starter. The jump start will charge the battery and will help in restarting your car but it would only be effective if the alternator is working. In case your alternator is also dead then the car would stop again eventually.

If the car restarts somehow then what should be done?

If you are lucky enough to get your car all started then either go to a mechanic’s shop and get your car fixed or straight away go home and then call a mechanic to get it fixed. Make sure you don’t stop anywhere for it would not be easy to get your car started all again.

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