How to Wash the Undercarriage of Car at Home Professionally?

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If I ask all the car enthusiasts and owners out there, how many times a year do you wash your car? So, they would be having some great figures to back up their answers. But, if I ask them how many times do you wash the undercarriage of car? Then, most of them would have no answer at all.

Because that is how we have always been. We make sure the exterior looks shiny and clean but we don’t care about the interior. Whether it be any other thing or a car, we never give interiors much thought and leave them on their own.

The same goes for the undercarriage, since it isn’t something visible so we just ignore its existence in every car wash. Now, I am not saying everyone is like this because there are people who give it a thorough thought but most of us don’t.

Which is not good for the cars’ health and long life. The undercarriages of cars have the most contact with dirt, grime, and muck and hence need the full attention. As not just that but extra attention is because accumulated dirt and maximum contact with the ground surface can result in rusting of the sensitive parts in turn affecting the mechanism of the car.

Well, it’s not something that most people don’t care about. It’s just that they don’t know how to do it in the right way without damaging anything.

So, here is a complete guide to address all your questions:

A Complete Guide on How to Wash the Undercarriage of Car at Home?

People often do not consider washing the undercarriages of their cars, not because they don’t want to but because they don’t know if it could be washed or not.

The first thing that comes into their mind is:

  • Should the Undercarriages of the Car be Washed?

Yes, the undercarriage should be washed. It has the most dirt, grime, and debris accumulated on its surface which can result in corrosion in turn impacting the performance of the car.

How to Wash the Undercarriage of the Car at Home in a Professional Way?

How To Wash The Undercarriage Of The Car At Home

Washing the undercarriage of a car is not child’s play since it has sensitive parts/wiring on it which could be disturbed if not paid proper attention to. Hence it requires extra care and attention along with some specific tools to do this task.

  1. First, it is required to lift the car using a jack or something so that the cleaning is done properly. In case, if you don’t have anything to lift the car then you can wash it without lifting it as well. Just make sure the floor is clean so that the dirt from the floor doesn’t jump off the ground.
  2. To get access to every crevice, take out all the tires, if possible.
  3. Now, you can directly use a pressure washer to wash the undercarriage but if you think that it has a lot of accumulated dirt then it’s better if you pre-treat it with an all-purpose clearing agent. After applying it, let it sit for some time then wash it.
  4. You can now wash it with the pressure washer thoroughly to get all the dirt out. Start from the edges and then slowly go towards the middle to make sure that none of the corners is left.

You can also cover the critical components of the undercarriage to avoid all types of risks that come with it. And you can also spray WD-40 on clean parts so that corrosion could also be prevented.

Can the Undercarriage of the Car be Washed at Home?

Yes, following the above-mentioned steps you can easily wash your car’s undercarriage at home but it is not preferred by car detailing experts as it requires certain care, attention, and expertise to deal with this process. It could use a proper clearing agent at an automatic car wash that could provide a much better outcome than that of homes.

How often Can You Wash the Undercarriage of Your Car?

Since the undercarriage has sensitive components so washing it repeatedly is not preferred. Several cars detailing experts believe that washing it once after every season could do the job. And if you are someone who goes off-roads, only then you can wash it every time after you come back.


Undercarriage car wash is as essential as your routine car wash. In case if you are a car enthusiast then you should not ignore it and wash the undercarriage of your car after every season so that your car always keeps sparkly and shiny.

When it comes to undercarriage washing, it is always preferred to consult an expert and let him do the job. However, if you have the proper tools then you can do it by yourself at home and avoid the extra cost by following the above-mentioned steps.


Can garden hose be used in place of pressure washers?

It can be used but since the garden hose isn’t that powerful as compared to pressure washers then it won’t be able to get rid of all the dirt and grime.

What if undercarriage is very dirty then how to clean it?

Well not to worry, you could just wash the undercarriage of the car 2 times and your car’s undercarriage would be dirt free all again.

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