How to Repair Leather Car Seats by Yourself at Home

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Many people around the world, be it the car enthusiasts or the car owners, clean the exterior of the car but not not the interior which should be given the most importance as it is what is actually used the most.

Yet it is something which is often neglected because everyone is mostly concerned with the shiny look of their car for which they try their best to maintain it all the time. But they forget that their detailing session is incomplete without the cleaning of interiors which could end up with severe consequences.

Have you also got a sticky steering wheel, or worn out leather seats in your car? We are sure, most of you must have because that is how we are. We love to travel with all our friends and family members but when it comes to maintaining the interiors, we just leave it for some other time. And the consequences of which are faced by the car leather seats which often ends up scratched, dull, burned or ripped.  

If you are also facing the same issue then don’t you worry because just like always, we have got the solution to your problem. Instead of going to the car detailer everytime there is a scratch on your leather seats and spending extra money for such little things, you can now fix your torn leather car seats on your own

How To Repair Leather Car Seats By Yourself At Home

How to Repair the Car Leather Seats By Yourself?

Fixing the leather car seats isn’t something very difficult. All you need is the right set of products to achieve the task.

Essentials That One Must Have to Fix the Leather Car Seats:

Out of the number of things, the most essential thing that you must have is a leather repair kit. It consists of all the essential things that one must need to restore their leather car seats. 
If you don’t have one then fret not because we have already shortlisted some of the leading leather repair kits for you to choose from. And if you already have the best leather repair kit then follow the step by step procedure to bring your lifeless car seats back to life.

Step By Step Procedure To Fix The Leather Car Seats

Be it the rip, burn, scratch or a tear, anything can be fixed and you can easily restore the interior of your car all by yourself. Just follow the procedure step by step and you will restore your worn out leather.

  • First, you have to make sure that the leather repair kit matches the color of your vehicle’s interior. 
  • Clean the damaged surface properly with a rag or a cloth. This is the most essential step that most of the car detailing experts ignore leading up to unsatisfied end-results.
  • Cut/trim all the loose threads that are hanging on the damaged part.
  • Stick the backing cloth behind the ripped part and leave it to dry for some time.
  • Add numerous layers of leather as a filler material. Give each layer an adequate amount of time to dry before applying the next layer.
  • Using a fine sandpaper, even out the layers with the surface of the seat.
  • Once again clean the surface and with a clean cloth apply the colorant.
  • To preserve the color, you can also apply an adequate amount of sealant.
  • Let the sealant dry and you can go anywhere you want.

Are There Any Other Things Instead of Leather Repair Kit That Can Be Used to Fix the Car Leather Seats?

If you don’t have leather repair kits, then you can still fix your leather car seats, either by using a liquid leather or by applying a patch.

Using A Patch

  • Clean the damaged surface.
  • Cut a patch of the size of the scratch or the tear.
  • Put a wax paper underneath the tear to prevent the glue seeping underneath the seat.
  • Now, stick the patch on the damaged part and let it dry before going on a drive.

Using The Liquid Leather

  • Clean the damaged surface.
  • Using a sponge, apply some ether solution on the impaired part and let it dry.
  • Then, apply a coat of liquid leather onto it and condition it to restore your leather condition.

How to Avoid Getting Scratches, Tears, or Rips on the Surface of the Car Seats?

Prevention is better than cure. You can easily avoid getting your leather seats scratched or dull by maintaining it and cleaning it every once in a while. All you need to do is to be careful while sitting in the car and apply leather conditioner on your car seats every now and then to preserve its shine and protect it from all sorts of damage.

And still if you end up getting scratches then fix it yourself using the aforementioned, easy to follow steps anywhere and anytime.


Leather seats can easily be scratched and torn apart, especially in cars because we often travel with all of our friends and family members including children who often tear or scratch car seats during the ride. Many car owners either consult professional or change their car seats everytime something like this happens, which is not only costly but also time consuming.

And why bother others when you can easily fix something easily by yourself in the comfort of your home. If you are also facing the same issue then you can easily repair the tear on your leather seat all by yourself.


What if there is some severe damage on your leather car seat? Would that also be fixed using a leather repair kit?

Leather repair kit can easily fix many impairments on your leather car seat but still if you think that there is some serious damage which can not be fixed easily then its better to consult a professional rather than wasting money on the leather repair kit.

What if we don’t clean the damaged part first before fixing it?

If you don’t clean the impaired area then the outcome wouldn’t be as smooth as you would want it to be so it is better to clean the area first before hopping on to the solution.

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